Monday, May 9, 2016

7 types of women, depending on their personality

Although a woman may seem apparently free - for outside-, it can be slave of herself - by inside. This precept, the writer and psychologist classifies the female mind, according to the type of personality you have women.
According to him, each type has advantages and disadvantages, some more than others, but the idea is that you learn not to always choose the "law of least effort" to address crisis situations in his life, but, on the contrary, take an attitude that destroys the thoughts, feelings and negative reactions, leading to the manifestation of a self that is not under the control of emotions. The result? constructive, stable and satisfactory, with herself and those around her relationships.

Analytics: They are reflective behaviors against others and also think before reacting, so do not give immediate answers. Who they wait and not become impatient with the no immediate results, but still plan the future. They are self-sufficient and intellectually brilliant.
However, being very analytical tend to be serious, besides having little tolerance for people who do not have the same intellectual level, so they may have conflicts in their sentimental aspect.

Observer: are very good capturing exactly what happens around them. They are multi-tasking. Among its advantages are their creativity and imagination, which derives its ease to build new ideas. However, this type of mind tends to wander in the details that are really important, so they tend to be offended easily.

Contemplative: are completely sensory and always see what is behind the obvious, besides being emotionally and intellectually deep calm.
Definitely one of the pluses is facing difficulties with dignity, but being contemplative in excess can ensimismarse in a world of thoughts created by them and deviate from reality.

Women "shell" are introverted and shy. They have trouble communicating their ideas and further express their feelings. They are characterized by their discretion. They do not feel comfortable with new people and much less being the center of attention; For this reason, strong emotional situations generate a high impact on them. In the sentimental field, such women tend to close around your partner and neglecting his family and his little group of friends.

Women stop-shop: are lovers "have" Her best friend is the credit card and bags, clothes, shoes and decoration are his delirium.. They are definitely consumerist, but not all can be classified as compulsive buyers.
But all is not bad in his personality, as well as love to shop for them, love to make gifts to their loved ones, as well as being considered very cheerful and pleasant. They are excellent hosts and their level of sociability is high, so they are always surrounded by people who love them.
However, his passion for the "have" makes them slaves to meet their necessary needs not so much so that the shopping experience becomes their obsession and pleasure. They are discussed, then, in the midst of a vicious circle of anxiety-possession - pleasure - guilt, so I need to modify their plane to a less material.

Impulsive s: they do not think much before talking, as most of their instinctive reactions are based on the principle of action - reaction. Say, with great fanfare, they say what they think, but this, before being reflection of maturity, talks about his lack of self - control.
One of the positive aspects of such minds is that they keep their goals until the end, but capacaes passing over anyone to do it.
They must learn to deal with their personality to build long and healthy relationships, because due to how they are likely to hurt easily. They must cultivate their frustration tolerance.

Autonomous: are transparent with all people and in any situation not disguise what they feel and are open to express their crises and difficulties, and even mourn when they need This makes them feel self - confident and I radiate to others.. what also it makes them gain autonomy. They definitely prefer the naturalness, so they are not very adept to undergo cosmetic procedures; ie prefer to cultivate their inner beauty as a reflection of the outside.
However, because of being so transparent, they can say inappropriate words at inopportune moments.

In each of the types of mind, Cury recommended not to get carried away by the moment, think before you speak and act, and in situations of high emotional impact, opening the mental windows of sanity, patience and tolerance and fully close the rage, hatred and impatience. "the pain suffered abate some women, but women grow smart with it , " he says.

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