Friday, May 6, 2016

Personality Of Girls

Personality of girls

Girls, personality of each is very important for us women, because if you have a very strong and attractive personality will not have problems when buying clothes or accessories that go you, because what you buy
everything, be your style.
But what if what you want is to have your own personality ?, you must follow these steps and find yours!

1.-On a sheet, write down everything you like, you should include:
* Dress and often use colors

* Type shoes

* Type of accessories that you like or use

* Type of favorite music

* Type of tv programs

* Describe your character

After writing your resume, you should read it and see that reflex style, ie for example:

If you already did my blade, lei and I concluded that I love roses and light colors, I like clothes with ruffles, shoes decorated heels, I love very colorful bracelets, I like paris cantantante hilton, 

I see programs where romance and my character is smooth and almost do not get angry ...

Then you realize that your personality is Romantica-Girly, that is very delicate, then I must buy clothes that follow the style and take my chances with a sharper look.

Do not worry if the end of your sheet you find that you possess many styles, because that's where you must choose that you would like to stand out and make it more marked, for example if your style is modern -romantico-rock and roll, your chooses which you feel more comfortable and that mark it and make it more attractive: Modern


Rock And Roll


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