Friday, May 6, 2016

Clear and beautiful thoughts to yourself

Let me tell you that not only your life should be focused on your external beauty, if you do not also nourish your soul and your peace of mind and inner.

Something very important thing to take note is that the harder you fix it and you make 20 thousand treatments to beautify, not good if from within you feel apathetic, insecure, sad or hopeless.
If this happened to you a few days, the message means that you must make changes in your way of seeing life and renew feelings to purify your mind.

How to Purify the mind?

You must pause your life and your mental noise, 90% of thoughts are repetitive, and that if those thoughts are negative as; you look bad! you are fat! Do not you serve! I'm no good! I am made ​​a stick! I'm not so pretty! ... Etc etc.
You must STOP! let say that only those thoughts disturb you and make you feel bad ...

You must change them clear and beautiful thoughts to yourself. As; you are very important! you are big! You are someone beautiful! you look good! Thy trust in you and in life! Let your problems are solved by the love of the universe! do not worry! everything is fine! Everything you've lived was for your strength! you are strong!...

When you've read these beautiful messages, How did you feel? Quiet? All right? and now imagine if this your daily autodijeras you what ???? a little not change your life and your mind?
Making it a habit not to say negative things you will see how your life will be made ​​more quiet and beautiful, as your inside you're still safe and full of thoughts of love.

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